Attractions include a historic town centre, spectacular views from the two peaks of Foia and Picota, hiking, bird watching and biking. There are hot sulfur springs, with baths and Health spas 4 m. south in 'Caldas de Monchique' (Spring of Monchique). Eucalyptus, cork oak, oranges, lemons, honey, olive oil, chestnuts, scissor chairs made from chestnut wood, black pork and black pork ham and sausages are the chief products. 

Source – Wikipedia



Eat & Drink

Portuguese cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices famous for  fresh tastes and mediterranean nuances with a long and rich history. Idalina with her mountain chicken is a must if you eat chicken. There is a vegetable and fish market in Monchique where you can buy fresh local produce and cook yourself.  Ask Paula and Johann you'll get a list of the best places to go.


The beauty of the west coast beaches has long been celebrated. There are a number of beaches we would recommend where you will find peace and quiet.  On the south side the coast the story is slightly different, busier but the with warmer water.